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Guide to Letting your Property

Without the right advice, letting a property can be a confusing process, especially if you’ve never done it before. With our team of experts, we endeavour to make the lettings process as easy as possible! Our multi award-winning team can help you at any stage when letting your property and are always on hand to answer your questions and resolve any issues that may arise.

Our dedication to providing an award-winning level of service to all of our landlords has been recognised and we have been awarded Best Lettings Agency UK and Best International Lettings Agency at the International Property Awards 2015/16.

These awards are regarded as some of the most prestigious in the country and reflect our reliability, consistency and outstanding service. Through word of mouth, brand recognition and evidence of our professionalism, these awards attract countless tenants!

After this process is complete, your property is let and your income will soon start flowing in! If you have any questions about the letting process with Prospect, please get in touch with your local Prospect branch by clicking here.

Rental Valuation

Book a free valuation

The first step on your letting journey with the world’s best lettings agency is booking a free, no obligation valuation. If you’re considering letting a property anywhere in Berkshire and Surrey, one of our experienced Valuers will visit your property at a time that suits you and give you an accurate and achievable rental valuation. This will give you a clear idea of how much rent you could be achieving each month by letting with Prospect! To book your free valuation now, click here or contact your local Prospect branch.

You do not need to have the property as a whole valued, our agents are trained to value rooms individually, giving you the opportunity to increase your income by renting with Prospect Rooms. This service allows you to rent rooms in a property separately, rather than the whole property! Learn more about Prospect Rooms and the benefits of using the service by clicking here.

Prepare for viewings

Get your property ready for tenant viewings

After we have valued your property, one of our expert agents will advise and assist you in getting your property ready for tenant viewings. At Prospect, we have an in depth understanding of what attracts tenants to a property and will utilise this knowledge to generate as much interest as possible.


Marketing to registered tenants

The first step we take in marketing your property is contacting our registered tenants. We have an extensive database of tenants in Berkshire and Surrey who are looking for properties to rent. We know our clients and build personal relationships with all of them. This means we already know a range of suitable tenants who will be interested in viewing your property and can begin arranging viewings from the moment your property comes on the market. This gives your property an excellent chance of becoming tenanted, because we know that the people we are contacting are interested in properties just like yours!

Marketing Campaigns

Full marketing campaign

Prospect’s innovative and dynamic marketing strategy is the perfect way to ensure your property receives the exposure it deserves! We will use a range of marketing techniques to ensure potential tenants from Berkshire, Surrey and the rest of the UK are able to view your property. From extensive online coverage to glossy brochures, we will target potential tenants effectively and endeavour to find you a suitable tenant as quickly as possible. To learn about our marketing strategy in more detail, click here.

Accompanied Viewings

Accompanied viewings

As soon as our extensive marketing has been successful and we receive interest from a prospective tenant, we will arrange a viewing. This allows them to have a look around your property and decide if it suits their requirements. We offer an accompanied viewing service 7 days a week, from early morning to late evening, ensuring we find a perfect time for your potential tenants. We advise you to leave a key with your dedicated Prospect Client Manager, they will accompany tenants on viewings of your home, so you do not need to be present. This allows the utmost flexibility and ensures we maximise the number of viewings your home has! We also find that prospective tenants give more honest feedback if the landlord is not present on viewings.

Receiving Offers

You’ll receive an offer

When a prospective tenant has viewed your property and has decided that it is the home of their dreams, they will make an offer. If more than one tenant likes your property, you will receive multiple offers!

Accept an Offer

Accept an offer!

When you’re happy with an offer that has been made, accept it! This means you and the tenant have agreed on how much rent will be paid each month and you have decided this will be the tenant who will live in your property.

Property Management Service

Property Management

Once we have found you a suitable tenant, an offer has been made and you have accepted it, you will then speak to our experienced Property Management team. The team will advise you on which of our four services will most accurately meet your needs and will allocate you a dedicated Property Manager, who will be your main point of contact throughout the tenancy. Whether you want to get hands on with your investment, or sit back and allow Prospect to manage your property on your behalf, we have a solution for every landlord. Click here to learn more about our Property Management team and our four levels of service.

Landlord Services

Landlord Tracker

If you opt for our Premier Management Service, you will benefit from the convenience of our Landlord Tracker. Regardless of how many properties you have with us, our Landlord Tracker gives you all the key information you need in just one click. Landlord Tracker is perfect for busy landlords; you are able to access all the information you require about the properties you are letting from your phone, tablet or PC. Landlords can utilise the website for a multitude of different purposes to make the process of letting out properties simpler! Click here to learn more about Landlord Tracker!

Complete Contracts

Contracts and legal documents

All that’s left to do is sign the legal contracts and documents. Your dedicated Property Manager will manage this for you, so you can sit back and relax knowing that your rent will soon start coming in! If you have any questions about contracts, tenancy agreements or documents, your Property Manager is always able to help.