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Is it time for you to upsize?

Why Upsize a property

Summer is certainly upon us and the idea of spending lots of time outside, having a bright interior and hosting BBQs for friends and family is exciting. Although, if you’re lacking in space it can lead us to the inevitable conclusion that we need more space…

The thought of looking for a new home with more space to live and grow in often worries people when thinking about how much it will cost them to take on a bigger property and, ultimately, whether the benefits outweigh this. While there is an unsurprisingly inevitable higher cost when beginning the upsizing journey, it really can make a massive difference to you and your family’s lives.

Plus, there are many reasons why now is a great time to make the upsize. Our Director, Shaun Stevens covers them in his video below.



Why you might consider upsizing properties

Often one of the causes that most often inspires the desire to move somewhere bigger is having family and friends come to stay. Suddenly, a home that usually feels spacious to you seems that little bit too poky when it has an extra person or two staying.

Every one of us has different dreams when it comes to creating our ‘forever’ home. For some of us, it’s simply wanting more storage space while others envisage having a beautiful garden to enjoy. Often the cause for wanting a bigger property is about giving yourself a fresh canvas to put your own stamp on.

Having that extra bedroom is probably the most common motivation for deciding to upsize, mainly because of the flexibility it allows. This extra bedroom could be left as a spare bedroom or a new flatmate, to bring in some extra income, but equally, it could also become storage space, a home office or maybe even a dressing room.

Sometimes needing more room to grow isn’t always about moving to a ‘bigger’ house. It’s also about choosing a property that has the potential to grow with you and change when you need it to, whether you want the flexibility to be able to extend and build onto the original property or renovating rooms to fulfil a different purpose.

It’s not unusual that all of us, at one point or another, will start to feel like we are running out of space. While buying a new home isn’t a decision to be made quickly or lightly, it’s always worth focussing on the positives and not just the worries we all have when taking that next step.

While everyone’s drives can be different, if some of these triggers sound familiar to you, it may be time to start thinking about whether now is the time to look for a place with a little more room for you to grow.

If you want to start your upsizing journey, or maybe you just want some advice click here.

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