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Keeping your pets cool this Summer

Keeping your pets cool this Summer


Many of us thought the summer was all but done, well it wouldn’t have been too surprising if it was! But no, the weather is turning on us again and from this weekend we’re expecting another heat wave.

Here’s our top tips of keeping your pets cool this Summer..

Keeping dogs cool

Even when it’s hot, dogs need exercise. Try walking your dog when it’s much cooler, in the early morning or evening to reduce the risk of heatstroke and burning their paws on the pavement.

  • You can check the pavements aren’t too hot by putting your hand or bare hand foot on the surface for 5 seconds. If it is too hot for you, then it is too hot for you dog!
  • If you can’t avoid a walk during the day, make sure it’s shorter, you take water bowl and cold water and stick to grassy surfaces. Wood walks are always a good way to hide from the burning heat during the day.
  • Never leave dogs in cars, conservatories, outbuildings or caravans! These can heat up very quickly, so even that 5 minutes in the shop can be deadly.
  • Use pet safe sun cream for any exposed parts of your dog’s skin – such as their nose, to avoid sunburn.
  • Make sure there’s plenty of fresh drinking water and your dog has access to shade. You can also add ice into the water to keep it extra cold.
  • Avoid putting dogs into cold baths if you think they’re too hot. This can actually make dogs raise their internal body temperature, which can then cause heatstroke.
  • Paddling pools are another great addition to the garden to keep pets cool – if they like water that is!
  • Damp towels or an ice pack wrapped in a towel are both good tricks to keep your dog cool. You can invest in a cool mat for your dog, like we have for our company dog DollyDog – though she hasn’t quite figured it out yet!
  • If you’re camping with your dog, investing in a ‘blackout tent’ is a great idea – this will give them a retreat to hide away in when the temperature gets too much.
  • Grooming your dog to brush away any dead or excess hair will lave them with a less dense coat, much better for staying cool!


Keeping cats cool

Most acts are quite self sufficient and will seek out shade and drink more water anyway when it’s hot. But there are extra steps you can take to ensure they’re staying cool when the temperature rises.

  • Check sheds, summer houses and greenhouses – cats can find their way into these areas and become too hot or dehydrated. Make sure you check them regularly, especially before locking any up.
  • If you can, keep windows and doors ajar to allow a breeze through the house. If you have ahouse cat, you can get window locking mechanisms that only allow a small opening, so you can still get air through the house without the risk of escape.
  • Access to shade and fresh drinking water is a must for cats as well as dogs. A couple of ice cubes can keep water cooler for longer.
  • Pet-safe sun cream is also handy for cats. The tips of their ears and nose can burn, so keep the risk down with a spot of sun cream.
  • Cats aren’t huge fans of water but a damp towel for them to lie on is away to keep your cat cool, without traumatising them!
  • Grooming cats in the heat is also a good way to reduce the denseness of their coat, helping them stay cooler naturally.


Keeping your rabbits or rodents cool

Whether they live in the house or in the garden, it’s important not to forget our long eared (or tailed!) friends in the heat.

  • Avoid leaving cages, hutches or runs in the direct sunlight. As the sun moves throughout the day, you’ll want to move their cages too. You must make sure there’s plenty of shade for them.
  • If you decide to bring them in for the day, don’t leave them in a conservatory or outhouse, as these can get hot very quickly and become deadly.
  • Grooming them, just like cats and dogs, can remove any dead hair and leave them with a thinner coat, helping them stay cool.
  • Freezing a semi-full plastic bottle and wrapping it in a towel so pets can lie against it is another top tip for keeping your furry friends cool. For small rodents, keep it outside the enclosure so it doesn’t roll on them. Also keep checking back to ensure it hasn’t leaked at all!
  • If you’ve got house rabbits, keep windows open to allow a breeze through the house. You can also invest in a small cool mat for them to lie on.


Keeping fish, reptiles and amphibians cool

You wouldn’t think you need a keep a fish cool, it’s in water after all but you do need to keep an eye on them in the scorching heat.

  • Keep fish tanks out of direct sunlight. If you’ve got a huge tank that can’t be moved, keep the curtains closed.
  • A lot of tanks will have temperature gages, keep checking it to ensure it doesn’t rise above the recommended temperature gradient for the species you have.
  • If you have a pond, top it up with cold water and make sure there’s plenty of plants for the fish to hide under in the heat.
  • Reptiles are generally in temperature controlled vivarium's but when it’s warm outside, you can actually take them outside to take advantage of the natural sunlight. Just make sure you stay with them or you might spend the rest of your day hunting Lizards in bushes and it is an offence to release or allow to escape any species that is not native to the UK.


Keeping captive birds cool

You must not forget our feathered friends when keeping animals cool.

  • Try and keep aviaries out of direct sunlight and ensure they have shaded areas.
  • Many birds enjoy being gently misted with cool water. This not only helps them keep cool it also helps maintain weather condition!


As the weather heats up we want you and your pets to be able to enjoy the sunshine. Follow our top tips and you and your pet will have a great summer of fun!


Have we missed any top tips? Send us a message on Facebook and let us know how you keeps your furry friends cool!



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