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Landlord Services Upgrades

Prospect Lettings services for Landlords

Following a survey and review of the service provided to our Landlords utilising our Fully Managed Service, we have listened to your feedback has given us a lot to consider and implement. With continuous changes to legislation, in particular ‘Section 21’ notices and retaliatory eviction, along with management legislation, your protection has and always will be a priority for us.

As a result of this review, we are making a number of improvements to our service for Fully Managed landlords! These are the ways we’re making life easier for our landlords:

The Tenant Tracker and Fix Flo

We are really happy to announce that our new ‘tenant tracker’ is up and running, enabling tenants, like landlords, to access their rent transactions online as well as all of their documents including Tenancy Agreement, TDS certificates, Gas Safety certificates and of course the historic property inspections. However, one of its best features is the ability for tenants to report all maintenance issues via our ‘Fix Flo’ software, which enables them to go through a process to eliminate any easy fixes, such as changing a fuse on a plug.

Our Accounts and Renewal Process

Our Accounts function is another area that has been under the spotlight and we are very proud to be able to say that only 0.91% of our tenants are not paying rent on time when the industry standard is 2%, so this is a great achievement and comfort to our landlords.

We have also been working closely on our renewals process, ensuring that whenever possible good tenants are kept and retained at properties. We have been making contact with tenants and landlords, 4 months ahead of a tenancy ending, to ensure that we are aware of any pending changes, that we provide market updates and the agreement to renew the existing tenancy proactively, or remarket where required.

Our Partnership with The Property Maintenance People

Our new relationship with ‘The Property Maintenance People’, whose slick software connects Prospect, contractor, tenant and landlord all to the same maintenance issues, with prompts of what needs to be done next, is proving most popular. We have already seen a huge difference in turnaround times and of course, the system keeps everyone up to date.

Protecting your home with EZ Property Reports

Property Inspections is another area that we are working on and we want to be able to be more proactive in terms of ensuring that your home is being kept in the best condition. We are continuously working to ensure maintenance issues raised by tenants are reduced and that we are ahead of future repairs such as redecoration, carpet replacement and of course, we are looking to secure more special offers for you in areas such as boilers checks. We feel property inspections by an independent report company Ez Property, are a vital offering, due to how helpful they are in any dispute when it comes to the return of the deposit.

Your feedback is valuable to us

Lastly and most importantly, having taken all feedback on board, we have taken a very proactive approach to changing how we work in Property Management. We now have dedicated Move In Managers, who will focus on all Move Ins from the offer being agreed in the front office, until the day the tenants have moved in. This has provided your Property Manager with an additional 15 hours a week to focus more on maintenance needs and in turn, be more proactive in ensuring communication is dealt with promptly and effectively and of course, delivering more good news calls, rather than just calling when there is an issue.

We are confident that these changes will have a positive impact on the management of your portfolio and of course, we will continue to strive to deliver ‘OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER’ service within our department.

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