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Donating £10,000 to Wokingham In Need

Since we opened our doors way back in 1990, Prospect has always been a huge part of the local community. Our owners, Colin Wells and James May, were raised locally, as were most of our staff, so the local communities are extremely important to us – they’re not just where we work, they’re our communities too.

That’s why we set up Prospect Foundation. Prospect Foundation is a core piece of the Prospect Family! It’s the arm of the business that is all about giving back and supporting the local community and although it doesn’t make us money, it’s one of the most important pieces of the Prospect puzzle.

From supporting school fetes in our local communities, donating £250 from our selling fee to local schools, to making donations for worthy causes and helping promote charity events, Prospect gets excited about giving back and playing our part in helping the local community grow.

For the last couple of years, we have been proudly working really closely with Wokingham In Need, a local charity who are dedicated to helping the homeless, vulnerable and people in need of Wokingham and surrounding areas.

Wokingham In Need really struck a personal chord with us. Being a property company we were thrilled at the chance to help the homeless and vulnerable in such a personal way.

We’ve already assisted in funding a new kitchen, breakfast bar and cooker at the Salvation Army centre on Sturges Road. We also assisted Wokingham In Need in raising funds for a homeless drop-in centre which is up and running. In addition our in-house marketing resources, have built a stunning new website whilst assisting with social media to help raise awareness (and funds!) for future projects.

We wanted to do more though. Which is why we have just donated £10,000 to Wokingham In Need, helping them continue the excellent and imperative work they’re doing for the Wokingham community.

We’re very excited to carry on building upon this relationship with the whole team at Wokingham In Need and continuing to support the Wokingham community.

To find out more about Wokingham In Need and to support them yourself, click here

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