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Spruce your space on a budget

One of the most common questions we get asked on a valuation is how to get the best price. We all want to get the most we can when selling our home.

There are many ways to boost the value of your home, sometimes quite substantially, and it doesn’t always have to break the bank. We’ve come up with a few easy tips on potential ways you can add value to your property.

Most buyers make their mind up on a property pretty quickly, so you only have one chance to impress…

First impressions count!

If a potential buyer is approaching the property and notices the front door in awful condition, the driveway is overgrown or the guttering’s broken, their attitude towards the property is immediately going to be negative.

‘Curb appeal’ is a real thing so create the right first impression by giving your door a fresh lick of paint, clearing the driveway, fixing the guttering and anything else you think could make an impact and a good ‘curb appeal’.

Another little tip… hide your bins away ahead of the photos and any viewings. Bins are an eyesore, hiding them away instantly makes the front of the house look more appealing in photos and brochures.

A lick of paint!

Giving the main rooms in your house a fresh coat of paint will make a huge difference.

We’d recommend opting for neutral colours. This allows buyers to see the full potential of the room and will make the room look lighter at the same time. You can add some colour by incorporating accent pillows and soft furnishings. Using the latest trends in prints and colours is also attractive to buyers, read our Interior Trends of 2019 article here…

Create a bright space!

Good lighting is so important when showing off your home. Although a lot of people like to view potential properties when the natural lighting is good, this can’t always be the case. Make sure all rooms in your house have good lighting and most importantly, that all the bulbs work!

If one room is particularly poorly lit, think about removing dark or heavy curtains and replacing them with a neutrally coloured blinds or some lighter curtains. 

Ensure all lights and lamps are on ahead of viewings.

Concentrate on these rooms…

The rooms potential buyers are most interested in are the kitchen and bathrooms… Now we wouldn’t expect you to get your kitchen or bathrooms refitted but having a deep clean can have a huge impact.

Polish the taps, mirrors, windows, wall/floor tiles – basically, make anything that can sparkle… sparkle!

Go the extra mile by replacing the shower head, taps or cabinet door handles, this is quick to do, easily done on a budget and really adds to the room. 

Why not add a vase of bright flowers on the window sill as an extra touch?

If your kitchen/bathrooms are quite dated, pop down to your local kitchen/bathroom showroom and get some plans mocked up of how the room could look as well as potential costs. These are often free and allow buyers to look past the dated fittings which are already there.

Have a clear out!

Potential buyers want to picture themselves living in the property, they can’t do this if your home is ‘cluttered’. Whether there’s a stack of washing up on the kitchen side, lots of family photos dotted around or a large collection of trinkets in the living room… try and tidy them away for the viewings.

Moving home is the perfect time for a clear out, you could even make a bit of money, so why not pack up the things you haven’t touched in years and head down to your local car boot sale?

Potential to extend…

Although you may think the property is the best it can be, a lot of potential buyers will have ideas for the home and they’ll want to know what changes they’re able to make, structurally. Securing planning permission for your property can instantly add value as it highlights what potential it holds in the future. 

The cost of applying for planning permission differs and will also vary depending on the work to be done. We suggest speaking to your local authority before submitting an application.

On all valuations we provide you with our unique ‘Photo Guide’, giving you helpful tip and tricks to make your home more appealing to potential buyers. Our Valuers can also give you advice on any small jobs they think could help the sale of your house. Book your free, no obligation property valuation in Berkshire, Hampshire or Surrey today, by visiting

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Sunshine, lollipops & property sales

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First Time Buyers - make hay as the sun shines

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Your helpful moving home checklist

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