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The Knock on effect

So there’s no properties on the market that tick all your boxes. You want to sell your home, but what’s the point if you haven’t already found a house to move into? You might as well wait for your ideal home to come on the market before selling… right?


If you’re thinking this, it is likely that you will not be the only one holding out on the sale of your property while you wait for more properties to come to market. In fact, there will be homeowners who are waiting for a house just like yours to come up for sale before they put their own property up for sale. By withholding your properties, you are unknowingly entering an involuntary standoff with other vendors of whom you don’t even know, with every vendor waiting for another vendor to make the first move…

You see, putting your home up for sale can trigger a domino effect, inspiring other vendors in a similar position to you to sell their homes as well. Pretty soon, this ‘domino effect’ will trigger one particular vendor to put their home up for sale – and that home will be the dream home you were waiting for. Perhaps they were even waiting for someone like you to put your house up for sale! You just never know.

Still wondering what on earth we’re talking about? Allow us to explain further:

Person A has a three bedroom terraced property

Person B has a four bedroom detached property

Person C has a six bedroom barn conversion

Person D has a two bedroom flat

Person B is looking to upsize, so they put their four bedroom detached property on the market. This is seen by Person A, who has a three bedroom terraced property and is also looking to upsize. Person A likes the look of Person B’s home, so they put their property on the market.

Person A’s three bedroom home is seen online by Person D, who owns a two bedroom flat but is hoping to move into a house. Person A’s home looks perfect, so Person D swiftly puts their flat on the market.

This leaves Person C. Person C lives in a six bedroom barn conversion but is retired and no longer feels they need the space. Person D’s two bedroom flat looks like the ideal retirement spot, and so they put their six bedroom barn conversion on the market… which turns out to be the exact property that Person B was looking for all along!

Had any of the people in this chain delayed putting their house on the market, none of them would have found their new property. Of course, it is unlikely to be as clear cut as this, but the point stands that a butterfly effect is created whenever one person puts their property on the market – you just never know who is looking.


With this in mind, stop putting off that property sale until you’ve found ‘the dream home’! Not only does it delay the process, but it could also be detrimental to your property hunt if you go forward as a non-proceedable buyer.

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