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With Prospect, our service doesn’t end after you’ve moved in. We’re here to help you throughout your tenancy and assist you with any problems or questions you have. Our experienced Property Management team are contactable 24 hours a day for any emergencies you may encounter during your tenancy*.

There are many questions that we are frequently asked by our current tenants, so we’ve compiled these questions with answers below. Simply click on any of the questions to reveal the answer.

At Prospect, our Landlords choose one of three options when it comes to managing their property. The level they choose directly affects the actions you need to take during your tenancy when it comes to maintenance issues, paying rent and more. Make sure you know what level your Landlord has selected (ask your Property Manager if you're not sure) to find the information relevant to you.

We hope that your questions have been answered! If not, please contact our Property Management team by clicking here.

Portfolio Service 

After your Completion Funds have been paid to Prospect at the start of your tenancy, all further payments of rent should be paid directly to the landlord. You will need to contact your landlord to obtain their bank details and discuss on what day of the month it should be paid and how this payment should be made, whether by direct debit or standing order.

Rent and Deposit Scheme 

We will assist with the initial move, taking Completion Funds that enable you to start the tenancy of the property. We then arrange collection of the rent directly from you via a direct debit mandate on 1st of every month. 

Please complete a Direct Debit form and return to your Property Manager, at least two weeks prior to the first payment date.

Premier Managed Service

We will assist with the initial move, taking Completion Funds that enable you to start the tenancy of the property. We then arrange collection of the rent directly from you via a direct debit mandate on the 1st of every month. 

Please complete a Direct Debit form and return to your Property Manager at least two weeks prior to the first payment date.

Should you miss your rent due date, please contact your Property Manager immediately to make a payment via card. Payment on a debit card carries a £0.50 charge, or you can use a credit card for which there is a 2.5% charge of the total, subject to change.

Portfolio Service & Rent and Deposit Service

Once the tenancy has started, you must deal directly with your landlord on any points regarding maintenance and upkeep of the property. If you cannot contact your landlord, please call our Property Management department on 0118 955 9747 and we will attempt to contact your landlord on your behalf.

Premier Managed Service

Any maintenance issues during the tenancy should be reported to Prospect’s Property Management team, so that we can liaise with the landlord on your behalf and resolve the situation.

It is important that you report any maintenance issues at the earliest opportunity to us on 0118 955 9747.

Please be aware that Prospect need to contact your landlord to receive instructions on how to deal with the maintenance issue, so please allow time for this to take place. Your Property Manager will progress any issues as quickly as they can and keep you informed, but we are reliant on the landlord's cooperation. 

If an emergency maintenance issue occurs out of office hours (for example, no hot water or heating/leaks) then you can contact EZ maintenance on 0870 166 0023, who will endeavour to assist you as soon as possible.

NOTE: Gardens

Please be aware the upkeep of the garden is the tenant's responsibility unless otherwise stated. 

Portfolio Service and Rent & Deposit Service

You must contact your landlord for the details of the suppliers and you are responsible for registering with suppliers yourself and taking meter readings immediately on the day the Tenancy begins. 

Premier Managed Service 

Prospect will contact the suppliers and change the bills into your name. The supplier will then write directly to you at the property and you will need to contact them to arrange payment. The Inventory Clerk will take readings (if there is no Inventory/Check In, you must take the meter readings yourself). 

Prospect cannot assist with the setting up with telephone lines, Sky or broadband providers. This is due to data protection as these companies insist on dealing directly with the person paying for the service. However, if information on the latter is required, we can liaise with the landlord on your behalf. 

Portfolio Service and Rent & Deposit Service 

Your Landlord is responsible for the overall management of the property and they may contact you to arrange visits during the tenancy term. At least 24 hours’ notice should be given as per the contract (unless an emergency situation arises). 

Your Landlord can instruct Prospect to carry out a visit on a one off basis. If this is the case, you may be contacted directly by EZ Property Reports to arrange a time and date convenient to you. 

Premier Managed Service

Prospect will instruct a contractor from EZ Property Reports to contact you directly after 3 months and every 6 months throughout the tenancy term. If the Landlord has a specific concern, a visit could potentially be arranged outside of this pattern. 

These visits will take approximately 20 minutes and are a brief inspection of the property. They are also a chance for you to raise any issues you wish to be passed onto your Property Manager.

If you have any urgent issues, please contact your Prospect Property Manager, as EZ Property Reports is an independent company and may not speak to Prospect every day.


If a property inspection is booked in and agreed and the appointment is then broken by you without prior notice, of more than 24 hours a fee of £35+VAT is chargeable to you. 

Gas Certificates are a legal requirement and should be carried out annually. Electrical Certificates are not a legal requirement, however, a Landlord/Agent acting on behalf of a landlord has a duty of care to ensure electrics are not dangerous. Smoke alarms are only a legal requirement under building regulations in new build properties. Should you wish to purchase a smoke alarm for your property, please contact your Property Manager who can arrange this.

Portfolio Service and Rent & Deposit Scheme 

The Landlord is responsible for arranging a Gas Safety Certificate annually for the property. Should you require a copy, feel free to contact your landlord directly for this. 

Premier Managed Service

Prospect will assist the landlord to arrange the Gas Safety Certificate. A company called Gas Elec will contact your directly when this is due, to arrange a convenient time/date to attend. Should you require a copy, our office can supply you one. 

If a landlord chooses to use British Gas or another contractor to fulfil this responsibility, Prospect will contact you to arrange an appointment time. 

NOTE: British Gas 

If your Landlord subscribes to British Gas cover, your Property Manager/Landlord will provide you with the British Gas emergency telephone number and your personal reference, so that in an emergency you can contact them directly and arrange for them to attend the property. 

Prospect will aim to make contact with you three months before your tenancy ends to find out what your intentions are. 

If you are in contact with your landlord, we are happy for you to discuss this directly. 

Should you wish to continue with the tenancy, you can do soon a fixed term or periodic rolling basis (Prospect recommend a fixed term for all parties, for stability). All negotiations are subject to your Landlord's agreement. 

You’ll be sent a new Tenancy Agreement for signing to secure the continuation of your tenancy. The cost of this is split between you and the landlord; the charge for this is £50+VAT to each party, subject to change. This charge is payable at the point of renewal. 

You can pay on a debit card for which there is a £0.50 charge, or you can use a credit card for which there is a 2.5% charge. This cost can be deducted from the security deposit at the end of the tenancy if preferred. 

Notice should be given in writing for clarity and should be sent to the following address: 

Prospect Estate Agency 
Property Management Department
24 King Street

Email can be accepted under certain circumstances, but please contact your Property Manager to check that this applies to you. 

If your initial term has ended and your tenancy has gone to a rolling (periodic) basis, then you will need to give us one month's notice and this must run from your term date (the date you moved into the property). 


Your deposit is held by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme - an approved regulator of Lettings Companies. A copy of our registration certificate can be requested from your Property Manager. Deposit negotiations will take place at the end of your tenancy once you have vacated and a check out has been actioned. Please refer to your Tenancy Agreement for the procedures. 

Yes, if the property was professionally cleaned before you moved in. The property must be left in a similar condition to when you moved in. Please contact your Property Manager for contact details of a cleaning company that Prospect recommend. The cleaning by a Prospect contractor is guaranteed. 

If you require a reference from Prospect for your future move, there is a charge of £15+VAT, as stated in your tenancy agreement. 

The checkout fee is payable from your deposit at the end of the tenancy, unless otherwise negotiated in your Tenancy Agreement. To confirm your check out fee amount, please call your Property Manager on 0118 955 9747

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