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What's happening to your house price following the Snap Election?

It’s the big question on most home owners’ mind, especially if you’ve been thinking about selling or letting.

When it comes to considering a move or letting out a property, you need to know all the facts about what’s happening, both locally and with the recent snap election, nationally!

That’s why we don’t just value your home, we give you accurate, reliable advice on the current market, the future of property prices, what’s happening in the economy and how it can all work with, or against, what you actually want to do.

Changes in the political landscape and a fast changing property market means nobody has the definitive answer of exactly what will happen in the future. Though, with 27 years as a market leading agency, we’ll help you understand the information that is available, so you can make an informed decision that’s right for you.

We have experienced numerous elections and have witnessed the impact it has on the property market and have, in the past, helped hundreds of property owners and landlords understand how their property’s value is being affected. This helps our clients make a fully informed and educated decision about the selling or letting of their property.

Historically, the nation usually experiences a dip in the lead up to an election, due to the uncertainty it brings about. Following each election, the housing market then experiences an increase in activity. This increased activity is likely to then lead to an increase in property price, due to the elasticity of supply vs demand within the market.

With the cost of borrowing money at the lowest it’s ever been, we’re seeing many people upsize and we’re also witnessing the return of first time buyers, who can now finally take that long awaited step onto the property ladder.

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