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Investment Resources

Sometimes it's difficult to find the information you need online. Prospect Investors Club has created a property investment resource library, which hosts a number of videos, downloads and resources that contain invaluable information, tips and tricks that will help you become a successful investor. The best part is that it’s 100% free and available to you today!

Take advantage of this wealth of free knowledge and information by visiting the Prospect Investors Club property investment resource library by clicking here, or by using the icon below.

Investment Websites

Investment Websites

There are so many websites that feed you outdated or inaccurate information. To help you find the golden nuggets of information, Prospect Investors Club has compiled a list of websites that provide essential information for you.

Click here to view our recommended investment websites

Property Glossary

Property Glossary

Getting started as a property investor is challenging. It doesn’t help when you can’t understand half of the jargon that’s being used, so use the free A-Z of Property Investing Glossary.

Click here to to get your guide to property investing terms and language

Property investment Videos

Useful Videos

There’s a complete bank of videos available at your fingertips. These videos cover, in detail, different property investment strategies, project case studies, property event videos, key location information and more!

Click here to browse some of our useful and informative investment videos

Property Investment Calculator

Investment Calculators

It’s critical that you make sure your numbers all add up before you begin any project, otherwise it might not be as lucrative as you had hoped. Use the Investment and Mortgage calculators to clarify your costs and calculate your returns.

Click here to make sure your figures all add up with our investment calculators

Property Investor Guides

Investors Guides

The property market is constantly changing and it’s important to stay current. Prospect Investors Club produce guides to keep you informed about key changes in the market, such as legal and tax reforms.

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