Thinking of letting? Arrange your lettings valuation today:

How much rent could you achieve for your property?

Are you curious to know how much rent you could achieve each month by letting your property? Perhaps you’re unsure whether to sell, or let your property? Prospect’s expert Valuers can help you by giving you either a rough guide valuation or a full rental property valuation!

Rough Price Valuation

If you want to know approximately how much rent you could be receiving each month by letting with Prospect, one of our experienced Valuers can give you an estimate. If you’re just starting to consider letting, an estimate valuation and a chat with our team could be all you need to help you decide whether to let or sell.

What happens on a rough price valuation?

  • Arrange an appointment with your local Prospect branch
  • We will take the details of your property
  • We will compare similar existing properties for let and those recently let
  • We will provide you with a Rightmove Best Price Guide
  • If required, we’ll check the Land Registry and Nationwide & Halifax House Price Indexes
  • You will then be given an approximate monthly rental figure
  • Our agents will recommend enhancements to your property, if needed, to help increase value
  • Discuss letting services Prospect offers
  • Arrange a full property valuation if you would like an exact rental price

To arrange a rough price valuation, contact your local Prospect branch by clicking here.

Rental Property Valuation

Letting your home is a great way to retain your current property and still make the house move you want. If you decide to let your property and want to know exactly how much rent you could achieve each month, a free rental property valuation is exactly what you need.

What happens on a rental property valuation? Shortly after filling in our ‘Book a Valuation’ form, one of our Valuers will be in contact to book your valuation at a time to suit you. Once a convenient time has been arranged, we will do our market research to ensure we are in the perfect position to value your property and inform you of its accurate rental price.

There are several factors that are taken into consideration when conducting a rental property valuation, they include:

  • The location of your property
  • Distance from local transport links, schools and amenities
  • The current condition of your property
  • Total size of your property and its grounds
  • Prices of properties recently let in your area
  • Value and quantity of comparable properties within ¼ of a mile
  • Current demand for this type of property
  • Potential for adding value (extensions, development, refurbishment, etc.)
  • Economic conditions

Once your rental property valuation is complete, we’ll review our market appraisal and suggested a market price with you, so you understand why we’ve valued your property at this figure. Our Valuers will also discuss the wide range of services that are available through Prospect, so you can decide which services suit you best. The next step is to instruct our multi-award winning agency to let your property!

To book your free, no obligation property valuation, click here.