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Have you ever viewed a property and just missed out as the people before, made an offer?

Maybe you’re tired of hearing the owners want to wait until all viewings take place before considering your offer? Prospect Open Houses eliminate much of this and are a great way of finding your next home.

As Open Houses always take place shortly after the property has come to the market, you know that you’ll be one of the first people through the door. So if you do like the property, an Open House gives you a great chance of being able to make an offer and have it accepted, fast.

There are many more reasons why an Open House could be the perfect way to find your new home…

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We all try and think of questions to ask prior to viewing a property but more often than not, no matter how well-prepared we are, once there we just get a bit carried away. Being at an Open House when others are viewing means they are probably asking the same questions, or even some new ones. This saves you from getting home and kicking yourself because you forgot to ask those key questions.


It’s a cliché to hear ‘there’s lots of other people interested in the property’ and although most of the time it’s true, it’ll always feel like a selling tactic. By viewing at an Open House, you can gauge the level of interest yourself and the decide whether or not to make an offer.

Of course, people can't always make the date of an Open House. So we ensure they get to view the property as close to the Open House's date as possible, to ensure they're given the same opportunity as those who managed to attend the Open House date.

Have a good look!

During a personal viewing with an estate agent or the owner, you may not feel comfortable enough to have a good look around or even walk around twice. When you view via an Open House, you’ll simply be met at the door by our estate agent who will be able to answer any of your questions. The rest of the time you are able to walk around to your hearts content, explore your potential new home and really get a feel for the property.

Do all properties have Open Houses?

Not every property will have an Open House arranged, it all depends on the property, the owner’s onwards moves and of course the market. You can keep an eye out for ‘Open House’ times and dates when browsing our properties. When you register to receive property updates, Prospect will let you know about any relevant Open Houses that are coming up.

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