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The team at Prospect Investors Club love meeting new investors, it’s one of the main reasons James and Peter created Prospect Investors Club – with the aim of helping as many people as possible achieve financial freedom through investing in property.

As such, Prospect Investors Club invites you to join them in their head office, in Reading, to discuss your goals, strategies, properties and personal circumstances. From there, you’ll be able to use their expertise and experience to craft a realistic action plan to accomplish your goals and achieve financial wealth.

A 'one on one' meeting with one of the experts at Prospect Investors Club is completely free of charge and has proven to play a significant role in hundreds of investors’ success.

Arrange your meeting by clicking here and take the first step to creating or expanding your successful property investment portfolio.

Property Portfolio

Initial Portfolio Review

If you have an existing portfolio of properties, it will be reviewed by Prospect Investors Club’s experts. Using their expertise and experience, you’ll be able to discover opportunities that could increase the return on your existing properties.

Financial Review

Financial Review

Financing is a complex subject. During your meeting, you’ll receive expert advice on your financial situation. It’s possible that you will be able to free cash that’s tied up in your assets.

Strategy Consultation

Strategy Consultation

There are numerous factors to consider when selecting an investment strategy to pursue. During your consultation, you’ll receive expert advice and receive key information that will help you decide which strategy will be best for you.

Investment Action Plan

Develop a Plan of Action

Taking that first step can be daunting! You’ll receive a detailed plan of action, or a road map, to help you navigate the scary world of property investing. This will allow you to make changes and take that first step towards achieving your financial freedom!


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