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Keeping your investments safe

Unfortunately, when letting properties sometimes things go wrong. So it’s important that you protect your investments to ensure you are covered if something doesn’t go to plan! With Prospect, protecting your investments is easy and our experienced agents can assist you at any stage of the renting process.

So, what can you do to protect your investments?

Rent Protection

Rent & Legal Expenses Protection

Despite our rigorous referencing process, your tenants’ circumstances might change. Occasionally, unforeseen events will occur such as divorce, redundancy or ill-health, which can result in a tenant being unable to pay their rent. Rent & Legal Expenses Protection can protect you and your investments, to ensure you don’t lose out on income if unforeseen events do occur.

This cover includes:

  • Legal Expenses up to £50,000 for tenancy disputes
  • Rent Protection up to £2,000 a month
  • Cover after vacant possession if the property is damaged
  • 24/7 legal helpline

To learn more about Rent & Legal Expenses Protection, get in contact with your local Prospect office by clicking here.

24 Hour Emergency Assistance

Specialist Landlord Insurance

Standard household insurance will often not provide all the protection you need to successfully let your property and deal with any associated risks. However, Specialist Landlord Insurance is designed to offer comprehensive cover for a range of possibilities and ensure you are protected against any problems that may arise during a tenancy.

This insurance includes:

  • Buildings and/or contents cover, including malicious damage caused by the tenant
  • Inclusive landlords Legal Expenses cover
  • Loss of rent cover for insured perils and optional rent guarantee for tenancy defaults
  • Legal liability cover as a landlord, including liability to your tenants and domestic employees
  • Inclusive 24/7 emergency assistance
  • 24/7 legal helpline

To learn more about Specialist Landlord Insurance, get in touch with your local Prospect office by clicking here.