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Prospect Rooms for Landlords

Prospect Rooms is a service that is designed to provide affordable housing for tenants, whilst generating higher yields for landlords!

As a landlord, you want to ensure your property is occupied at all times to maintain your income. When letting a property as a whole, it can be difficult to keep it occupied continuously, as there can be times between tenancies where the property is vacant. The benefit of using Prospect Rooms is you are able to let your property to multiple tenants at the same time, making it less likely that the property is ever vacant. Even if the property isn’t at full capacity, you will still be receiving some income from the property.

By letting rooms in your property, you are also likely to achieve a much higher return on investment compared, to letting the property as a whole. For example, in Reading the average 4 bedroom house achieves £1,443pcm. However, the average rental value of a room in Reading is £579pcm. By using Prospect Rooms in this example, you could be earning £2,316pcm instead of £1,443 (an astounding increase of £873)!

Prospect is proud to offer this additional service to our clients, and we can guide you to ensure that your property conforms to legal requirements in order to get you up and running as soon as possible. 

If you decide to let your property using Prospect Rooms, you will still have access to our outstanding Property Management service! Our expert team of Property Managers will ensure your tenancy runs smoothly from start to finish and can handle any issues that may arise. For more information on our Property Management team, click here.

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