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Selling Conveyancing Process

A Property Solicitor (also known as a Conveyancer) plays a fundamental role in the sale of a property. Your Property Solicitor will assist you with the legal aspects of the sale and will ensure all legal documentation and contracts are handled correctly.

Prospect works with a team of professional, licensed Conveyancers who work in conjunction with our dedicated, in-house Transaction Support team to give your sale the best chance of completing. Together, they will keep on top of the chain that is involved with your sale, to ensure every party in the process is working hard to progress the sale and reach completion.

This team of Conveyancers work on a ‘no sale, no fee’ basis, so if your sale does fail to reach completion, you will not pay a penny. This is further reassurance that the team will do all they can to help your sale to reach completion! Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring the ownership of a property and most people appoint a Property Solicitor or Conveyancer to do this for them. So, what is the typical conveyancing process?

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Find a Property Solicitor

Getting started

Before you’ve even found your dream home, it’s a good idea to have your Solicitor ready. Your Property Solicitor will provide you with a formal instruction form and other documents for you to complete. These will provide them with all the details about your house and you, that are needed for the sale. You will need to provide proof of identification and residence for each person selling, such as a passport and driving licence. 

Sale of your property

Sale of your property

Once your sale has been agreed, you should inform your Solicitor. Prospect will then send the sales letters and memorandum of sale to you, your Property Solicitor, your buyers, and their Solicitor.


Behind the scenes

Your Property Solicitor will work behind the scenes progressing your sale through to exchange, this includes searches, contracts and much more. Your Solicitor will get in touch if they require any more information from you!

Exchange of contracts

Exchange of contracts for your sale

Exchange of contracts takes place between the two parties’ Property Solicitors, usually by telephone. Following exchange, your signed contract is forwarded to your buyer’s Solicitor and they will send their party’s signed contract to your Solicitor. At this stage, you and your buyer will be legally committed to the transaction. Usually at this stage a date will have been agreed for legal completion. Your solicitor will then complete any final searches required by your lender and prepare the completion statement, requesting any additional money from you.

Completion Day

Completion of your sale

The sale of your property is now complete. Congratulations, now it’s time to collect your keys, get the moving van ready and begin moving into your dream home!

Buying a Property

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