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Most people approaching an estate agent to sell their property rarely consider renting it out. But if you’re moving to a new home you don’t necessarily need to sell your current property! What if you could have both properties and make money from your old property without lifting a finger?

This option means you’ll own two properties and enjoy the equity growth of both of them in the future. This will put in in a better position further down the line, to purchase your forever home, or even help your children get on the property ladder themselves.

The graph below shows the increase in property prices since 2000 and illustrates how property prices could increase further over the next 10 years, based on the last 20 years. It also indicates how much capital appreciation you could have earned in your current property.

The Increase in Property Prices in the UK

About this Alternative to selling

How does this alternative to selling work?

How Rent to Buy works

You’ll go ahead and buy the home you have your heart set on, exactly as you would expect. However, instead of selling your current property, you’ll take out a BTL (Buy to Let) mortgage, which allows you to purchase your new property.

When you re-mortgage your current property, the capital appreciation you’ve gained since buying it could be enough for a deposit to purchase your new home.

So what are the benefits?

When you do this, you’ll still own your existing property and will be able to rent it out. So your rental income would likely cover your BTL mortgage payments, effectively paying for itself, and potentially giving you an additional source of income.

In ten years’ time, when you decide it’s time to move into your forever home, you could sell both properties, enjoying ten years’ of increased property value– plus the rental income you’ve received over ten years.

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