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Protecting you and your property

We believe that a property inventory is actually one of the most important documents to have during a tenancy and one that every Landlord should get. That’s why we’ve teamed up with leading inventory provider, EZ Property Reports.

By checking and more importantly agreeing with tenant, the state of the property prior to, or at the time of move in and documenting this in a simple to understand and difficult to dispute document, then should the worst happen, you’re protected.

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Property Size Unfurnished Furnished
1 Bedroom £144.00 £150.00
1 Bedroom Updated £72.00 £75.00
2 Bedroom £168.00 £174.00
2 Bedroom Update £84.00 £87.00
3 Bedroom £192.00 £204.00
3 Bedroom Update £96.00 £102.00
4 Bedroom £240.00 £264.00
4 Bedroom Update £120.00 £132.00
4 Bedroom Update (2k - 2.5k PCM) £270.00 £300.00
4 Bedroom Update (2k - 2.5k PCM) £135.00 £150.00

Regular mid-tenancy inspections check your tenant is looking after your property as they should be and ensure you don’t get any nasty surprises when your tenant moves out. Doing a check-out report when they leave is also advisable. The documentation of the property condition before, during and at the end of the tenancy will be your protection should there be any damages and part, or all of the deposit needs to be kept.

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable. Protect you and your property with an inventory. They’re not expensive and could end up saving you a lot of time and money later down the line! Complete the form on this page to request more information about getting an property inventory for your property.

If you would like to call and discuss your property inventory requirements, feel free to call us today on: 0118 907 8255.

Using Technology


... using the latest technology

EZ Property Reports has used their years of expertise in conducting property inventories to create the latest in inventory software, currently exclusive to Prospect. This innovative system streamlines the inventory process, allowing you instant cloud access to the inventory report, within minutes of us leaving the property.

Professional Accredited Clerks


Our Clerks are professional, efficient and precise.

Not only do we use the best software, we have the best Clerks. All of our Clerks are APIP accredited, which is your confirmation that they are professional and meet the highest standards for best practise in the industry. Annually tested, our Clerks are trained to spot everything when inspecting your property, resulting in a completely thorough report you can trust.

Detailed Property Reports


Safeguarding you from costly disputes

Detailed descriptions of every surface, in every room and plenty of high resolution images combine to make an extremely comprehensive property inventory and one that you can truly depend on. Timestamped and approved by both you and your tenant, if there is a dispute at the end of the tenancy, this document will be the unarguable evidence you might need.

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We also offer to give £250 of our selling fee to your chosen local school upon selling your property. This is just one of the many ways we give back and help support the local community. If you'd like to learn more about our Back to Schools initiative and would like to discover more about what happens on a property valuation, please click here.

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