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How a free lettings property valuation works

What happens next after you've booked your lettings valuation?

It is important that you get regular up-to-date valuations on your rental property as the market is constantly changing. Shortly after filling in our ‘Book a Valuation’ form, one of our expert Valuers will contact you to ask whether you would prefer a face to face or virtual valuation and to gather some additional property information. Once we have confirmed a date and time for your valuation, we will also send you a welcome email that will have some information on the selling and letting process and other services that would be useful. At this point, we are able to provide you a rough estimate of how much your property is worth.

Face to Face

On the day of your rental valuation, one of our local experienced Property Valuers will meet you at your property. Our Valuers will carry out a minimal contact valuation, wearing full PPE throughout their visit and sanitising before and after entering your property. With a comprehensive understanding of property in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey, your local valuer will attend with some examples of properties we've successfully let in your area.

In order to ensure you make the right decision for you, our lettings Valuers will explain to you some of the key lettings legislation you'll need to be aware of and discuss the demand levels of rental properties from real tenants. We'll also reveal how our superior marketing will attract the best tenants to your property.

There are several factors that are taken into consideration when conducting an accurate property lettings valuation to determine the rental value of your property.

  • Location and the distance from local transport, schools and amenities
  • The current condition of the property
  • Total size of the property and the grounds
  • Recently let prices of similar properties
  • Comparable properties within a quarter of a mile
  • Current supply and demand of this type of property
  • Potential for adding value, such as extensions, development or refurbishment
  • Economic conditions

Virtual valuation

The only difference between our virtual and face to face valuations is that we do not enter your household! Our attention to detail, professionalism and meticulousness remains the exact same on a video call as they would be in a face to face meeting.

By viewing your property on a live video call, our skilled valuers will be able to advise you on potential improvements to increase your property’s rental value, show you comparisons of similar properties that have been recently let in the area, discuss properties already on the rental market and provide advice on legislation for any lettings properties. You can even securely sign a market agreement from the comfort of your own home with our Docusign technology.

Once your lettings valuation is complete, we are available for questions or to go through the wide range of services that are available through Prospect. We will also follow up your virtual or face to face valuation with an information pack detailing the value of your property and other information you will find useful. The next step is to instruct our multi-award winning agency to sell your property for you!

With the option of virtual viewings, our viewing to offer ratio has risen to one in three for lettings properties in the past year. There has never been a better time to rent out your property, so fill in the form or contact us to get your free, no contact rental valuation today. Don't forget, unlike online agents, you will NOT be charged even a penny as we operate on a no let, no fee basis.

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Property Valuation

Sales Valuation

Helping you sell your property

Prospect helped 4,494 happy home movers last year. That’s because our 30+ years of experience means we know the value of local properties and will tailor our service to you and your home’s unique features, ensuring it’s marketed to the right buyer at the right time, for the right price! Book a free, no obligation valuation today to find out what your property is worth.

Lettings Valuation

Lettings Valuation

Helping you let your property

Have you ever wondered what your property could be worth? With over 30 years of local expertise, we know the value of local properties and will tailor our service to you and your property’s unique features to ensure your property is marketed to the right tenants! Book a free, no obligation valuation today to find out what your property is worth.

Land Valuation

Land Valuation

Helping you sell your land

Did you know your property may be more valuable offered for development purposes as opposed to residential resale? With over 30 years of local expertise, we know the value of local properties. Our free, no obligation valuations and top expert advice will ensure you know your property’s potential and all the options available to you.


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