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Land Valuation

Since 1990, Prospect Land has been working with more and more private landowners across the Thames Valley. From private land sales to garden assembly advice, we’ve assisted hundreds of local landowners in Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire to release the potential of their land and maximise the value of their property assets.

With the recent relaxation of the planning system and the general rise in property prices, landowners are realising that their plot of land or property, could potentially be worth a considerable amount more if the development potential is realised.

Obviously, not every property or parcel of land may be suitable, which is why it is important to seek professional advice and an expert appraisal. Our specialist team will be able to offer both of these, guiding you through the process; explaining every step in detail and assisting you so you can make an informed choice on the land options available to you.

Discover if your land is suitable for development and if so, the value, by completing the form on this page. Prefer to speak to us? No problem, just call us on 0118 979 9009.


What happens next after you've booked a land valuation?

Our expert land valuers will be sent your request and the first step will be to provide an initial review of the land using our digital software. This will be able to tell us if the land would be suitable for development.

If we discover that your land or property does have development potential, we will arrange for a time and date to attend your plot in person and meet you if you're available. Comparing this to other local developments and the resale price on properties developed on this plot, will enable us to provide you with a valuation estimate.

The valuation that we provide you will be dependent on planning consent being given by the local planning office. If you require help placing your land through the planning consent process, then Prospect Land can help you with this too.

There are many factors that are considered when valuing land, some of these include:

  • Location of the land
  • Current categorisation of the land (brown field, green field, building replacement)
  • Total size of the land parcel
  • The potential GDV of the land, post development
  • If planning has already been agreed

Following your land valuation, we will send you a valuation pack detailing our appraisal of your land. If you decide that you would like to sell your land, we will package and offer it to all of our development partners.

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