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Considering a move & Brexit

Brexit has dominated the media and the world of politics since its inception and whilst everyone has an opinion, what difference does it actually make if you’re considering moving?

Nobody knows the answer until it happens. But what we do know, is what has happened in the market in recent months.

watch my video below or read on to discover what's been happening in the market.


For example, March was our best sales month for over 9 months. This shows an increase in confidence from buyers and sellers in making decisions regarding their move.

What are your options if you’d like to move this year but don’t have to?

The first option is to do nothing and see what happens. If a Brexit deal takes place it would be at least 18 months before the fallout is understood, so this could put you off moving for a very long time.

The second option is to look at key factors in the economy to help you make a decision. The FTSE has consistently increased since the start of the year, unemployment is low, interest rates remain low and house prices remain stable, these are all positive signs.

We get the feeling that people are getting frustrated by the whole situation and we are confident that the market isn’t going to change as soon as the outcome is resolved.

Will it be a hard Brexit, a soft Brexit or will there be a Brexit bounce in prices? Again, nobody knows the answer but what we do know is that the market is active! We’re coming into the busiest months in the year and it’s a great time to consider moving.

If you’d like to get an up to date valuation on your home and discuss how all thing Brexit could affect your move, click here to book your free valuation.

Written by Shaun Stevens, Director of Prospect Estate Agency

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