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From 1st October 2021, notice periods for evictions will return to pre-COVID lengths. This means that landlords intending to issue either a Section 8 or Section 21 eviction notice will need to give their tenants two months’ notice of their intention to evict, as opposed to the four month minimum notice period that has been in place since 1st June 2021.

This marks the end of 18 months of elongated notice periods under the Coronavirus Act 2020, which saw the UK Government introduce emergency measures to protect tenants impacted by the pandemic. All notice periods were initially increased to six months on most grounds (including Section 21) and with a few exemptions for serious cases.

These regulations were modified multiple times over the 18 month period to reflect the ever changing social climate during the pandemic. From 1st June until 30th September, notice periods must be at least four months with exemptions under extreme circumstances, and from 1st August 2021 notice periods where there are less than four months unpaid rent reduced to a two month minimum.

 Now that this period has come to an end, the UK Government have made it clear that they intend to retain the power to implement similar measures again should the public health situation worsen. In this light, legislation has been introduced that retains the ability to reapply longer notice periods until 25th March 2022 as a backstop.

The landlord, tenant and local authority renting guidelines will be updated to reflect this return to two month notice periods. If you are affected by the change in legislation or have any questions or concerns, please contact our property management team or visit the Propertymark website for more information.

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