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Covid-19 Lockdown - Kids Activities

Fun Kinds Activities to do at home

9 Fun things to do with your children in your home during the Coronavirus Lock Down

It can be hard to find new things to do to keep your little ones entertained throughout the day. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of ideas that other parents keep sharing online. Here are some of our favourites and ones that many of our staff members are planning on doing with their own kids.

  1. Arts and Craft – There is an abundance of fun arts and crafts sessions you could do with your kids at home. Anything from drawing and painting, to sewing, creating collages from newspaper or magazine clippings all the way to origami. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out this Good House Keeping article:
  2. House Treasure Hunt – Set your kids off on an adventurous treasure trail throughout the house, complete with cryptic clues and ridiculous riddles leading them to their ultimate treasure – we’ll let you decide what that should be.
  3. Baking – Baking with your kids isn’t just a great pastime but it’s a great way to stock up on some goodies, or maybe a loaf of some much kneeded, homemade bread – as it seems to be getting harder to find it in the shops these days.
  4. Gardening – Just because you’re at home all day, doesn’t mean you need to stay indoors. Roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty with a little bit of gardening. If you don’t have a garden, not to fear, there are plenty of indoor plants and flowers you could have your kids cultivating.  
  5. Build a den in your living room – Now’s a great time to revert back to your own childhood. Pull apart the cushions of the sofa, get the bedsheets out and build an awesome den with your kids.
  6. Board games and fun card games – This is a classic but still one of the best pastimes for families. Break out your board games and start a marathon game of Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit or even break out a deck of cards.
  7. A water fight in the garden – Make the most out of the sun while it’s out. Get some water pistols, some water bombs and start and all-out water-war with your kids in the back garden. And if they get the upper hand, you can always get the hose out. 
  8. Indoor workout session - There are a number of videos online of workouts you can do with your little ones without leaving the living room. If you want motivation or ideas on how to do this, P.E. with Joe (The Body Coach UK) is doing a PE lesson a day for everyone.
  9. Camping in the back garden – Now is the perfect time to take your kids camping and you don’t even have to go far. Get the sleeping bags out and set up your tent in the back garden. Wait for the sun to go down and you might be able to do a bit of star gazing – how many constellations can you and your kids see?

Hopefully, you’ll try some of our favourite ways of keeping your kids entertained during the Coronavirus Lockdown but if you still need some more inspiration, why not turn to your friends and family? Have a look on Social Media, look in some of your local groups and see why other people are doing.

These are unprecedented times and it’s all of our responsibility to come together and support one another. Hopefully, this article will help you in these trying times. From our family to yours, please continue to take precautions, stay safe and look after each other.

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