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Get the photos right & get a buyer quicker

Estate agents can be an impatient group of people. But rushing the photography is a huge error, it is something that needs to be done right. After all, your online photos will be the very first thing any buyer looks at.

We were shocked to learn that when buyers are looking at properties online there is just a 3-second attention window to make a big enough impact that a potential buyer will click on your home. So the question we ask you is; “are your photos good enough to beat the 3-second window?”

Here are three simple tips to help get the best photos:

 1.      The perfect front photo

No cars on the drive, no bins visible, windows and doors closed. Choose the right time of day to get the light direction in front of the house not behind. Cut the grass, make sure the garage door is clean and aim for 20% driveway, 50% property and 30% sky. 

 2.      Clear the clutter

Everyone has a different version of ‘clutter’ and everyone has a friend who is OCD when it comes to tidiness. Call in a favour and invite them over to give you some honest fresh eyes – please don’t fall out with each other after though! For the internal photos, the more floor space and surface space the better.

 3.      An excuse to go shopping

Refitting kitchens, bathrooms or replacing carpets is not needed. Set a small budget and hit the shops. Fresh flowers in the kitchen and living room in a nice vase will help. Update those old candles, tea towels and, if needed, give the carpet a good steam clean. 

We hope these simple tips help and for more top tips about getting your property picture perfect, download a copy of our Photo Guide here.

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Sunshine, lollipops & property sales

Sunshine, lollipops & property sales

First Time Buyers - make hay as the sun shines

First Time Buyers - make hay as the sun shines

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Your helpful moving home checklist

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