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New Year, New Home

New Year, new you… new home?

2022 is almost upon us, and yes - we can’t believe it either! More so than ever, this New Year feels like a new beginning as we hopefully leave the worst of the pandemic in 2021.

As we begin to plan our New Years Eve celebrations and purchase 2022 wall calendars, many of us also start to pencil in those same New Year’s Resolutions that we make every year – go to the gym, eat healthily, go to bed early, put your house on the market. Except unlike many New Year’s Resolutions, selling your home is not a resolution that can wait until the New Year. Why not start the ball rolling now?

Here’s why you shouldn’t hold out until 2022 to sell your property...

Take advantage of the current marketplace

It is a well known fact that January brings with it the ‘New Year rush’, which sees a huge influx of properties coming to market. With stock levels at an all-time low in the current marketplace, this New Year rush is bound to shake things up in the property world.

With this in mind, we would urge homeowners to sell now to take advantage of a busy marketplace where demand is heavily outweighing supply. In this climate, buyer competition is higher than ever before, resulting it quick sales and prices being driven up. We cannot predict what will happen when the New Year inevitably brings more properties to market, but historically, when supply begins to catch up with demand, prices are bound to drop – or at least return to pre-COVID levels. You are also less likely to secure a quick sale if the market is saturated with other properties like yours.

So, to achieve the best price, don’t delay in putting your property on the market.

Enter the New Year as a proceedable buyer

As stock is so low at the moment, you need to be a proceedable buyer to be ahead of the competition when it comes to purchasing a property. If you sell now, you’ll be striding ahead of fellow buyers in the New Year’s rush, comfortable in the knowledge that you are in a strong position to secure any of the homes that have newly come to market.

New Year, New start

Wouldn’t it be nice to ring in the New Year knowing that your house sale is underway, and all there is left to do is find that dream home? That makes for a more exciting start of the year, as opposed to entering 2022 feeling the pressure to sell your home on a busy marketplace.

This is even more important if you have been lucky enough to have an offer accepted on a property before putting your own home on the market. This places unnecessary pressure on the quick sale of your property in order to match your own seller’s timeframe… and this kind of pressure does not make for a happy start to the year!


With all this in mind, start the New Year with a BANG(ing good house) in 2022 by booking a valuation with us today.

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