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Green in brand, green in belief. Here at Prospect, we are committed to lowering our carbon emissions and contributing to the worldwide mission of combating climate change. This year, we are investing in the future of our planet and creating a lasting legacy by becoming a Climate Positive Workforce with Ecologi.

As part of this investment, we will be funding over 60 trees being planted every month – that’s 732 trees in one year! One of the best tools for tackling the climate crisis, by planting these trees we will be helping to prevent ecological collapse and keep the earth’s temperature from rising above 1.5C.

Each tree will be planted in areas repairing deforestation, but we will also have one per month planted in Scotland. We’re excited to go and visit when we can!

As well as helping us grow a Prospect Estate Agency forest, Ecologi also offset the carbon emissions produced by each of our staff members to make every employee climate positive. This means that everything from business trips to our employee’s personal life, hobbies, holidays and food will be offset to eradicate their carbon footprint.

We are immensely proud of this investment which will allow our company to leave the ultimate legacy for years to come. We will be posting quarterly updates on trees we have planted and emissions offset in the bid to inspire other businesses to join Ecologi on this mission to combat the climate crisis. To find out more about Ecologi’s inspirational work, click here.

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