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There’s no denying that the market is busy at the moment. With demand at an all-time high, competition is fierce, and record prices are being achieved. As any agent will tell you, this is great news for anyone looking to sell, as you are almost guaranteed a speedy sale for a great price.

This all sounds like great news, right? Well, of course. Yet with the entire property industry singing from the same hymn sheet and painting a picture of quick sales in a busy market, some homeowners are beginning to look for homes before they are even on the market – and finding out the hard way that this is not the best solution.

The one that got away

With so many proceedable buyers on the market at the moment, it is unlikely that you’d even be permitted to view a home without at least having your own property on the market first. In fact, thanks to the COVID pandemic, this has been common practice for over a year now, as vendors and agents alike seek to limit the number of non-serious buyers that cross the threshold of the property.

So what if you find your dream home, but are non-proceedable? You’ll probably have to kiss it goodbye, as it would most likely go to a buyer in a better position than you before you even get to view it. Think about it – would you pick a non-proceedable buyer over a proceedable one?

Take the pressure off

Even if you do get an offer accepted on a property before going on the market, this is not a particularly enviable position to be in. Why? Because it puts on a lot of pressure to sell your property within your own seller’s given time frame. That additional stress is not needed when moving home!

Having this pressure on yourself can cause you to take a lower offer, rather than wait for an offer at full asking price or higher.

It is almost always better to be in the opposite position – with a house that is sold but without a home to move into. There are ways around this, such as moving in with a friend or family member or vacating into rented accommodation while you proceed to look. Even if this wasn’t an option, you can guarantee there’ll be a number of buyers ready and waiting if your current buyer were to pull out. Whilst this is not ideal, it is better than the alternative – not selling your home in time and therefore not having the funds to proceed with your onward purchase.

Also, with an abundance of buyers in all different positions and with a range of different timescales, we can, more often than not, match you with the perfect buyer for your situation to avoid this issue altogether.

Be prepared

Once your property sale is underway, you can dedicate your time to getting everything in order ready for completion. Ensure you are ready to go, with a conveyancer and solicitor waiting in the wings for when you find that dream home. This will put you in the best position to be the vendor’s top choice when you make an offer on their property.

With this in mind, don’t delay! Book a valuation with us today to get yourself on the market and well on your way to finding your dream property.

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