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Tips for moving house with children

Moving home can be a stressful task on the best of days, and that’s before you throw some children into the mix. But, it doesn’t have to be hard work. Getting the children involved in the move will get them excited and prepare them for the change ahead… depending on the age of the little ones, of course.

First things first, you’ll need to tell them about the move. It’s a big change for little ones especially if a change of school is involved, so make it a journey for them and get them excited about their brand new bedroom!

Before the move:

  • Get your children to pack their own toys, reminding them to leave out a couple of their favourites
  • Give them a ‘to do’ list, the older ones, in particular, will enjoy having some responsibility, no matter how big

On the day of the move:

  • It can sometimes be best for them to stay at a friend/family members house on moving day, especially if they’re really little
  • Make sure any important medicine is not packed away
  • Giving your child the responsibility of keeping any pets happy and safe on the day can remove any nervousness/anxiety they may have as they have an important task keeping them busy
  • Youtubers are very popular among children at the moment, ask them to become a Youtuber for a day and ‘vlog’ moving day – this will definitely add to the excitement

When you’re moved in:

  • Let them help with decorating their new home, especially their own bedroom – this is a brand new space for them so let them have some input when choosing colours etc.

Moving with children in tow doesn’t have to be a chore, follow our tips and moving day will be a breeze (fingers crossed!)

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First Time Buyers - make hay as the sun shines

Your helpful moving home checklist

Your helpful moving home checklist

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