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Budget Booster for Over 60s

Aged 60 or over? Get your budget boosted by thousands of pounds!

See how you could secure your dream home in Berkshire, Surrey or Hampshire for less

Struggling to find the perfect property? Did you know you could secure your ideal home for less than the market value? Up to 59% less* in fact, with a Lifetime Lease.

You could live happily and securely in the property of your choice without any rent, mortgage, or interest repayments for your lifetime.

With the extra funds you could:

  • Move to the perfect property in your ideal location
  • Relocate to a new area, near to amenities
  • Live closer to friends and family
  • Clear financial burdens such as a previous mortgage or other debts
  • Secure a guaranteed future inheritance
  • Gift an early inheritance to loved ones now
  • Create savings for the future
  • Free up money to enjoy your retirement

Try the Budget Booster to instantly see how much you could look up to, enabling you to broaden your property search to find your dream home within your new boosted budget!

*Savings on the property value range from 8.5% to 59% and depend on the customer’s age, personal circumstances, and property criteria. Only available to those aged sixty years old and over.

Find your dream property today

Find a new property today

Here's what other customers had to say

Helping over 60s move

Great people very helpful and friendly all the way. Each member of the staff were like family and looked after us like one of their own – even more great with this trying time during Covid-19.

Reason for moving: Returning to UK

Moved to: Rustington, West Sussex

Best decision I’ve ever made! Everything was explained simply and easy to understand. I knew from the start what it cost so no unexpected expenses, all I had to do was get ready to move.

Reason for moving: Regain independence

Moved to: Wisbech, Norfolk

We can now relax and enjoy our lives near to our family. The shops are just a short walk away, so no need to use the car every day, which in turn helps with our health and wellbeing!

Reason for moving: Relocate closer to family

Moved to: Halstead, Essex