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... Should the worst happen

Our Section 21 Protection warranty provides comprehensive cover for related legal costs, should the worst happen and eviction becomes unavoidable following the correct issue of a section 21 notice.

Even though tenants may pay their rent in advance for the entire tenancy term, there is always a risk that they may not move out of a property as anticipated at the end of their tenancy. For more details and an instant quote for cover, fill in the form below:

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Benefits to Section 21 Protection:

  • This warranty covers the landlord if there are no rent arrears yet still grounds to evict a tenant
  • Covers legal expenses for eviction proceedings following the correct issue of a section 21
  • Cover can be issued on tenancies where the monthly rental is £3,000 or under
  • Available for 6 or 12 month periods (depending on the length of the tenancy agreement) and can easily be renewed.
  • All tenants and guarantors, if applicable, MUST undergo and pass the Goodlord's full tenancy reference.

Why should you consider this warranty?

You may have received the full rental monies for the length of the tenancy in advance but if the tenants refuse to move out at the end of the agreed tenancy, there is no guarantee that any more rent will be forthcoming. This warranty will cover the legal expenses involved in evicting a tenant, following the correct issue of a section 21 notice.

In these circumstances, the quicker that vacant possession can be secured the earlier it can be re-let for you to alternative tenants. We are also likely to achieve a faster eviction than if you were to try to deal with this yourself.

Additionally without adequate cover in place, legal costs can be considerable and would need to be covered by you, the Landlord. This warranty covers all related costs linked to an eviction following the issuing of a Section 21 Notice, and will also ensure everything is dealt with on your behalf (in line with the T&Cs).

If you prefer to call us for more information or for an instant quote, please feel free to call our Property Management department on: 0118 955 4737.

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