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Prospect sleep out for Wokingham in Need

On Saturday 7th March, Prospect Estate Agency employees slept out to help raise awareness of and money for homelessness.
Any donations will make a huge difference!


We need your support

Imagine not having a home. No bed to sleep in, no shower to wash in, no loved ones to care for you.

For many in our community that is a reality. In the Wokingham Borough, homelessness has soared, with a 600% increase in the number of people needing support in the last seven years.

That is why we teamed up with Wokingham in Need (WIN) and arranged a big sleep out on Saturday 7th March 2020.

WIN is an initiative founded by local resident Sue Jackson four years ago. WIN is here to help anyone and everyone in need in the Wokingham area and has been pretty prominent in local press recently thanks to all the amazing work they’re doing locally.

Together, WIN and Prospect wanted to raise funds and awareness of the reality of being homeless through an intense sleep out, right in the centre of Wokingham!

On Saturday 7th March we grabbed our sleeping bags and braced for the cold. A team of 14 Prospect staff members, including our MD, who spent the whole night on the streets!

All money raised during the sleep out went towards projects alleviating homelessness.

But we don’t want to stop there. WIN can’t continue doing their amazing work without the continued support of local businesses and residents, just like you.

We welcome contributions of all shapes and sizes; monetary or otherwise (for instance, perhaps you would like to donate sleeping bags or food). Any donation is greatly appreciated and will make an impact to those in our community who really need the support.

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and the hard work they do

Wokingham in Need was launched on Wednesday 23 September 2015 with the opening of a new kitchen at The Salvation Army church and community centre on Sturges Road, Wokingham.

Founded by local resident Sue Jackson, the aim of Wokingham in Need is to help the homeless, vulnerable and needy people of the borough. Since its inception, Wokingham in Need has achieved great things to help the community in Wokingham but we couldn’t have done it without your help!

They rely on your help, support and donations to continue their work and help make Wokingham the place we all know and love for all its residents, especially those who are vulnerable.


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